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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I access my album website?
You and your friends can access your album website at any time via your chosen (or assigned) Internet address (for example,, which you have to enter via into the address bar of your web browser.

2. I can't access my album website!
Please make sure you've entered the correct Internet address.
Your system may be infected with a worm which might have changed your browser settings so that no Internet connection can be established. Worms can send themselves automatically to addresses in your address book. Should friends listed in your address book experience the same problem, your system could be infected. Make sure to always have an updated virus scanner installed.

3. How do I invite guests to my album website?
To do so, click on "Invite Friends" in you Online Media Manager. If you already have contacts in your contact list, pick among these or simply add new contacts. Now click on "Send". Your contacts will then receive an email.


4. How do I upload photos, videos & music into my album?
In your Online Media Manager click on "Upload" and select your photos, videos or music from your hard drive. Also, select whether these files should be uploaded to an existing or a new album.


5. How do I change the design of my album website?
To do so, click on the "Settings" button in your Online Media Manager and then on "Album Design". Now you can pick from a large selection of design templates sorted into categories. In addition, you can also change the start image of your album website, enter the greeting text, as well as set the start view of your photo albums (image overview or slideshow).


6. How can I make certain albums accessible only to certain people?
Select the desired album in the Online Media Manager and click on the authorization management in the context menu (cog wheel symbol on the album). There, select contacts from your contact list, which should have access to this album. You have to provide each contact with an individual password. You now can automatically inform these contacts (as long as they have an email address) per email about their access information.


7. My music won't play!
Make sure that the latest version of Adobe Flash Player ( is installed on your system. Check to see if the volume is loud enough and that the loudspeakers or headphones are connected properly.


8. My videos won't play
Your MAGIX Online Album transforms all videos into FLV (flash video) after upload. Make sure that the latest version of the Adobe Flash player ( is installed.


9. Why are my photos displayed in the wrong colors?
Please make sure that your photos are saved in RGB mode. Unfortunately, pictures in CMYK mode cannot be displayed correctly.


10. Why are my photos compressed?
When you upload your photos to your album using MAGIX software you can specify the quality of your image before uploading. If you wish to have your pictures in original quality in your album, you have to select this option before uploading. If you upload your photos via the Online Media Manager, the original picture will be loaded.


11. Can I view my photos in their original quality on my album website?
Of course! Simply click on the fullscreen button.


12. The deleted photos will be shown the next time the album is opened!
Delete your web browser's cache.In your browser's Internet options (Internet Explorer)


13. When I open the page all I see is an empty screen!
Install the latest version of Flash Player.


14. My start picture won't change!
Delete your web browser's cache. In your browser's Internet options (Internet Explorer) in the "General" tab and then "Settings", set the "Search for new version of the saved page" to "Automatic".


15. How can I change my user information (email address ...) ?
Click on "Settings" in "My Online World" area of the Control Center. Here you can change all your data.


16. How can I cancel my subscription (CLASSIC / PREMIUM)?
Cancellation must be submitted in writing or through our online form to MAGIX Online Services GmbH c/o MAGIX AG, customer Care, Borsigstr. 24, 32312 Lübbecke, Germany. In text form a letter or fax to +49(0)5741/310768 is sufficient. For cancellation in text form please use our form letter for contract cancellation or domain cancellation if possible. Doing this expedites processing.