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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can I upload my website to Online World and thus onto the Internet?
You must have registered a Hosting or Your Homepage package in MAGIX Online World.

To do so, all you need is a FTP software (available for free online) to transfer the files of your website to MAGIX. Most website programs have an integrated FTP function. In MAGIX programs such as MAGIX Web Designer this function can be found in the "File" menu under "Publish website" or via the corresponding icon in the toolbar. To use FTP, you require the address of the FTP server and your Online World login details. The address of the MAGIX FTP server is: Your login details are your email address registered with MAGIX (often called user name) and the password you selected. It is first required that you have set up a MAGIX Online World account (free)
2. How do I access my website that I uploaded via FTP on the Internet?
As soon as your website has been transferred to MAGIX successfully via FTP, you can open it via your Online World web address Alternatively, you may register real domains (for example, in the Online World at any time.
3. How can I open websites online that have been uploaded to subfolders?
MAGIX Web Designer allows you to upload websites to subfolders via FTP. This way, you can host multiple websites (depending on your available web space). They can be opened via your Online World web address (enter the name of the corresponding subfolder after /public/). If you own a domain, you can easily assign the corresponding FTP subfolder to a domain in the "Domain & Email" area under "My domains". Instructions can be found here.

4. Can I use my website with a real domain?

You can register domains in your Online World Control Center at any time and use them for your website(s) that are being hosted with MAGIX. See "Domain & Email" (from item 4 onwards)

5. The website I just published is not available or has not be updated.
Usually your website should be available online or updated right after transfer. It's important that the file name of your homepage be called index.htm or index.html (please make sure to use lower case letters). Otherwise your web server can't display/output your website.

6. Sometimes the photos on my website are not displayed

This problem usually occurs with users who have programmed their website themselves via HTML. The file names of the inserted photos are often spelled incorrectly. If the file name is originally spelled with lower case letters (for example, image1.jpg), but spelled with upper case letters in the HTML code (for example, <img src="Image1.jpg"></imag>), the image will not be displayed, since the web is case-sensitive.