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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can I register my domain name of choice?
A domain can be registered at any time in the Control Center in the "Domain & Email" area under "Register domain". All purchased domains can be used for your websites that are available at MAGIX (Online Album website, Website Maker websites, websites uploaded via FTP, for example via MAGIX Web Designer).


2. When will my domain be available?
As soon as you have decided on a domain and completed your registration, MAGIX will send your domain application to the relevant NIC (Network Information Center). For newly registered users, it can take up to three days for the registration to be processed. Normally, registration should be completed within 1-4 hours. Your domain status can be requested at any time via the Control Center in the domain & email area at

Note: Even with successful registrations, it can take up to 24 hours until your domain is accessible on the Internet. If you have any problems registering your domain, please contact our customer service

3. I already have a domain with another provider. Can I transfer it to MAGIX?

Yes, if you already have a domain with another provider, you can easily switch domains to MAGIX using the domain switch form (KK form and provider switch form). After successfully switching domains, your MAGIX website can be opened via your old domain. More information about this can be found here.

4. I can't access my website. Why not?
One of the most common reasons for this is an error typing the Internet address. Please make sure it is spelled correctly. Maintenance work may also be a reason for short-term unavailability. If this is the case, an information page is usually displayed. If your site is still not available after correctly entering it, please contact our support team at

5. What is a subdomain and what is the subdomain for my website called?
Upon activating your Online World account (irrespective of the selected package) you will automatically receive a subdomain (web address) for your website. This is usually Depending on the service you selected, you will receive additional address extensions of this subdomain.

The following subdomain extensions are available:

Online Album:
Website Maker:

6. Can I change the address of my subdomain?
Log in to, switch to the "My Online World" area and click on "Settings" in the navigation. You will then be able to change your address via the "Change web address" link.

7. Can I use my website without a desired domain name as well?
Yes. It is possible via the subdomains.

8. How do I set up an email account?
As soon as you register a domain + email package (for example, the Website Maker deluxe package includes a domain + 5 accounts), you can set up accounts, manage them, or purchase new ones in the domain & email area under "My email accounts". To set up a new account, click on the "Create" button, assign a name (prefix before the @ sign) and select the domain for which you want to set up the account (if there are multiple domains). Assign a password (6-12 characters without special characters). Now click on "Create". The new account is now available.

9. How do I start MAGIX Webmail?
MAGIX Webmail works like most well-known webmail services (Hotmail, Gmail, etc.). Simply start webmail via your Control Center in the domain & email area under "My email accounts". Click on the account that you wish to check with Webmail and click on "Webmail".


Note: MAGIX Webmail is only available once a domain has been registered successfully. Use the password of the corresponding email account.

10. Why won't my Webmail open?
Seeing as MAGIX Webmail opens as a pop-up, your browser's pop-up blocker might prevent it from starting. If so, please deactivate your pop-up blocker.

11. Can I open my MAGIX emails using a different email program?
Yes. You can open your registered email accounts via other email programs (such as Outlook Express, etc.). Due to a technical update, we are currently working with two email services (old service / new service), which use different mail server data. You'll find your data in the Control Center in the "Domain & Email" area under "My email accounts" if you click on "More" and then on "Email program settings" in the corresponding account.


The mail server data is:

Old service:
The mail server data for POP3, IMAP and SMTP is:
The login details for SMTP are made up of your MAGIX email address ( and the password you used upon registering for the service.

New service:

The login details for SMTP are made up of your MAGIX email address and the password you used upon registering for the service.


A guide for:

- Outlook 2010

- Thunderbird


12. How can I change my Online World user data (email address, password, bank details, etc.)?
You can change your user details at any time via the Control Center at Simply log in and switch to "Settings" in the "My Online World" area. Here, you can make further changes.

13. Can I start MAGIX Webmail directly?
Yes! The address is:

Log in with the login details of the email accounts you set up.

14. How can I cancel my domain?

Cancellation must be submitted in writing or through our online form to MAGIX Online Services GmbH c/o MAGIX AG, customer Care, Borsigstr. 24, 32312 Lübbecke, Germany. In text form a letter or fax to +49(0)5741/310768 is sufficient. For cancellation in text form please use our form letter for contract cancellation or domain cancellation if possible. Doing this expedites processing.