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Publishing your website is easy with MAGIX

MAGIX makes it possible to publish externally created HTML websites in MAGIX Online World. Individual files are transferred to the website via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to your Online World webspace and may then be viewed at your web address ( in the Internet. You may also host self-made HTML websites in parallel to your Online Album website or your Website Maker websites with MAGIX.

Publish with Web Designer


1. Sign in

In Xara/MAGIX Web Designer select the Publish option.





This will open the MAGIX Online World sign in dialog. If you already have a MAGIX Online World account, enter your account details and click Sign in. If you don’t have an account select the ‘Register for Free’ option.



1. If you want to stay signed in to MAGIX Online World after you close Web Designer, check the ‘keep me signed in’ option.
2. If you want to publish to an alternative web host select the ‘Publish to an alternative web host ..’ option.


2. Choose a web address / domain

Now you can choose a web address from the list of web addresses available in your MAGIX Online World account.



MAGIX offers a free web address in the format


Need your own top level domain?
If you need your own top level domain (or, .info etc) select the option ‘New web address ...’ which will connect you with MAGIX’s domain registration service.



Optional sub-folder:
If you want to publish your website to a sub-folder, then enter the sub-folder name in this field. The sub-folder name will be added to your chosen web address eg and all files will be saved to this sub-folder.


3. Upload website. Done!


Click on Publish. The time it takes to publish will depend on the size of your site and your connection, but you will see an upload progress bar in the top right corner.



When publishing is complete you should see a confirmation:.



That’s it, your website is published and available on the web!

Publish with Web Designer (version 6, 7, 8)


1. Open the "publish website" function

In order to load your current website project to your Online World web space in order to publish it in the Internet, open the “publish website” function in the File menu of your Web Designer 6 (you can also do this by clicking on the corresponding symbol in the symbol bar). The "Publish website" dialog will now open.

2. Entering FTP access data

In the dialog "Publish website" enter your FTP access data. As the FTP address (FTP server), enter
FTP username and password are identical with your Online World login (FTP username = your email address). Confirm with "OK".

3. Setting up the Export folder

In the following dialog, the program will ask you to select a folder, to which Web Designer 6 should export your website project data. If you haven't yet defined a folder, simply select an existing folder or create a new folder and select it. At the end, confirm by clicking on "Export".


The file name of your initial page must be named index.htm or index.html (lowercase letters).


4. Transfer data

In the top right corner of your Web Designer 6 you will see a small dialog, which shows the progress of data transmission. As soon as the transfer is finished, your website may be opened via your Online World web address




Please note: If you have indicated a sub-folder in the “Publish website" dialog, your current website project will be transferred there. In this case, you have to add the name of the sub-folder to your web address (, in order to open the page.


Publish the website with an FTP program


FTP is already included in most programs for website creation. Alternatively, there are many free FTP programs available (most are simply named FTP clients). FileZilla is a very good FTP client, which you may download for free here:

1. Enter FTP login data

After starting FileZilla, enter your FTP login. In the "Server" field, enter the address of the MAGIX FTP server ( Username and password are identical to your Online World login data (username = your email address). The "Port" field may be left empty or number "21" may be entered. Click on the "Connect" button. FileZilla will try to connect to the MAGIX FTP server. When this happens, you will see the contents of the FTP area of your Online World webspace. On the left side, you will see the drives and contents of your computer.

2. Select website files and folders

On the left side (local), select the folder, containing the files and folders of your website project. Usually, you will find the file index.htm(l) and and various other files and folders (depending, for example, on the website program used). Now, select all files and and sub-folders using your mouse and press the right mouse button in order to open the context menu. Select the “upload” function here.


The file name of your initial page must be named index.htm or index.html (lowercase letters).


3. Transfer data

You will now see in the lower area of FileZilla the loading progress of individual files and folders. Depending on the size of your website project, the upload process can take some time. As soon as it is finished, your website may be viewed via your Online World web address .