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Domain transfer

Transfer domains to MAGIX hassle-free

If you already have a domain with another provider (Strato, 1&1, alfahosting, profihost, etc.), you can easily switch domains to MAGIX using the domain switch form (KK form – provider switch form). After successfully switching domains, your MAGIX website can be opened via your old domain.


You need, at least, a registered offer from MAGIX Online World (Online Album, Website Maker, Web Designer + Your Homepage (previously Hosting) or any of our hosting plans).


It's so easy:


  1. Download the KK form from our website and print it out. >>Click here<<
  2. Fill out the KK form in full and sign it. Please make sure that it is legible.
  3. Cancel the contract with your previous provider.
    For domains the extra information "Tag = ANTAGUS-DE" has to be specified with your old provider.
  4. Please fill out the form for the domain transfer / provider switch for your domain from your old provider and sign it. The form and instructions can be found on the website of your old provider.
  5. Fax the signed KK form and the domain transfer / provider switch form of your old provider to MAGIX. The fax number of the MAGIX Service Team is: +49 (0) 5741-310 768



Important! Please make sure to fax us the following documents

1. Filled out and signed KK form (domain transfer/provider switch)
2. Your confirmation of cancellation from your previous provider
3. The Authorization code for the following domain extensions .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .name,, .ch, .at, .es, .fr,
    .it, .nl, .eu.
    Please contact your current provider to obtain the authorization code.

    If your domain name ends with .be, you must apply to the registrar ( for your authorization code.


What's next?

Once you have sent us all documents via fax, our service team will take care of the domain transfer. You will receive an email from us in due time with all the most important information.You will receive an email from us in due time with all the most important information. This may take a few days.

Important information



Requirements for domain switching:


You must be the domain owner (AdminC) or have a contractual agreement with the domain owner about the switch of the domain.

Time periods

Around 1-2 weeks as the current domain owner and the current provider must both agree to the domain switch.

.com, .net, .org, .info and .biz domains can be transferred to another registrar 60 days, at the earliest, after the transfer or after registering for the first time.



Tip! Avoid additional costs:
Please make sure to terminate previously existing webhosting contracts with your old provider so that you do not have to continue paying these fees.


Please note that when registering a domain (or domain transfer) a one-time transfer fee of £8.99 will be incurred (not in conjunction with special offers)