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1. Your FTP access details

The following FTP details must be entered into your homepage software / FTP software in order to gain access to your web space.

MAGIX Online World FTP-Server (Host):

Login / Username: Your email address at MAGIX
Password: Your chosen password

Your MAGIX access details are simultaneously also your FTP access details (the email address is also your FTP username).


2. Create website

Create a website with Xara Web Designer for example, or with another website designing software or just program it yourself with HTML.*

3. Upload website

To host your website with MAGIX you need only select the "website" function in your MAGIX / Xara software. You only have to specify the address of the Online World FTP server (this is always and your FTP access information (which are your Online World log in details, of which the FTP username is also your e-mail address) and transfer your website.

The file name of your homepage must be called index.htm or index.html (lower case).


How does it work with MAGIX?

Learn about how you can upload your homepage with Xara Web Designer software or FTP software FileZilla and publish it online using your MAGIX web hosting space.

4. Done! Your website is now online

As soon as all of the files from your website are loaded onto your webspace, it is accessible via your domain or via your MAGIX web address In case you loaded the website in a folder you'll need to enter this with your web address i.e

* Important information
MAGIX Your Homepage service supports the delivery of static content Files that need to be converted into the "correct" format (eg php, asp etc.) or that need to be processed by other software are not supported (other than Javascript). In such a case the file will be delivered "as it is" i.e using HTML. In addition, no databases are supported (MySQL, Access etc).