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The Lucky Duckies nostalgic band does gigs all over the world. Crooner Marco Antonio and his fabulous jazz-combo play american standards in different styles, but with oldies sound. They play Jazz, Swing, Rock'n'Roll, Boleros, Classic Country, and more.

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Leopard Gaming

A Dynamic and international gaming consulting and management firm. Offering creative business solutions to Gaming companies in a difficult market place. Experts in their field with over 100 years combined experience in the Gaming and Management world.

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Coreforce Design - The ultimate video editing guru!

Coreforce Design. The ultimate video editing guru! Scetch videos, montages, animations, tutorials, reviews, intros, promos, music videos, home made movies and everything you need to satisfie your visual video thirst!

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Joseph Barabas

Rod stewart Tribute show Joseph Barabas Sweden

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Taffs pictures

Pictures from my travels

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Salty Pride Music N More

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