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The best Website Maker of all time

MAGIX Website Maker MX makes designing and editing your homepage child's play, even without prior understanding of programming. Upload it from anywhere in the world using your internet browser. Easier to use than ever before thanks to the new, Easier to use than ever before thanks to the new, optimized user interface optimized user interface

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Website Maker most modern Flash®-Technology

The most modern Flash®-Technology enables unique, dynamic websites with animations and effects to be displayed properly in any web browser.

Drag & Drop principle

Website Maker Drag & Drop Operating principle

Thanks to the innovative and above all straight forward Drag & Drop Operating principle websites can be designed and launched with just a mouse .

Total Design freedom

Website Maker Total Design freedom

Unlike many of the heavily restricted homepage designers on the market, Website Maker gives you complete design freedom.

Easy access

Blank Page

Your homepage is made up of a few blank pages. You can take complete control from the start.

Website Template

Choose a template from the catalog, including subpages based on various themes.

Website Assistant

Using the website assistant even complete beginners can create a complete homepage in just a few clicks.

Cool options

Text & Fonts

There is an abundance of fonts available, they can all be formatted individually (Size, colour, background colour, rendering, alignment...)

Scrollable Text fields

Add the scroll function to texts that are just too long to fit on your website. Even the scroll lists can be customized with countless designs.

Play videos by player

You can watch your videos with a range of different video players, various skins are available too. With the practical playlist function you can watch several videos in a row.

Versatile Navigation designs


Choose from a wide range from navigation designs, and orient them to fit either portrait or landscape. All pages on your homepage are automatically linked.

Visitor counter

With the wide range of visitor counters you can display how many people have checked out your website. Each visitor counter is fully customizable


Give visitors to your website the chance to leave a message in a guestbook. Choose from a range of guestbook designs.

Password protection

Password protect individual pages on your website in a click. Therefore only visitors with the password can gain access.


Bring your homepage to life by adding fun little animations or impressive effects to any object on your website.

Contact form

Visitors can keep in touch using the contact form, which of course you can design according to your style. Advantage: You don't need to display your email address online.

Exporting objects

Export objects from your homepage (eg media player) and embed them on other websites using HTML code.

Online Album integration

When you use the MAGIX Online Album, it is so easy to use your albums (as a media player) or other content on your homepage.

Background for website & browser

Select the background color of your homepage and of the web browser independent of one another.

Text effects

Make use of the impressive text effects (Flying in, fade in, typewrite and more) and add some zip to your homepage.

Display photos with style

You can exhibit your photos with impressive flair using Slideshow, Photo table, Moviestrip and Gallery, all of which fully customizable.

"Snap in" - Picture frames

Available in many different designs the "Snap in " picture frames are ideal to draw more attention to your photos. You can drag and drop the photos into the picture frames, they'll fit automatically.

Interactive Buttons

Use a wide range of pre-made interactive buttons with mouseover effects. All the buttons cater to your needs.

Animated Gif's

Enhance the look of your website with animated Gif's. Aside from being a cool effect this option is ideal for animated banner ads.


Favicons are the little icons that you can see next to the page's title on the tab in your webbrowser. You can make these yourself for your homepage in an instant.

NEW! Insert HTML-Code (beta)

Enhance your website by inserting HTML code and adding widgets or other functions.


The various design templates of the new text tables allow you to display information clearly.

NEW! Vector forms.

The new mathematically-calculated vector forms mean that circles, rectangles and stars have countless new design options.

Export Homepage

Export your flash homepage virtually, i.e send it to other providers in HTML form so they can embed it as a widget on other websites.

NEW! Individual page size.

You can adjust the size of individual subpages at any time without affecting the global page size settings of your homepage.