The ultimate

Online Album       





Genius options...

Privacy if desired

You can protect your albums from unauthorized access with passwords and assign individual access authorizations to your contacts – manage your privacy settings just the way you want!

Fullscreen mode in HD quality

Enjoy your photos & videos as exciting multimedia shows in fullscreen mode and HD. You can also add great transitions and "Ken Burns" effects.

Ready for Facebook and Twitter

Enable your visitors to "like" your photos on Facebook and Twitter, and get even more traffic on your album homepage.

Friends upload

The friends upload function invites your friends and family to upload photos and video to your Online Album.

Background music for your albums

Enhance your albums with emotional background music. Add music directly from the MAGIX sound studio or add your own songs...

Deluxe contact management

Thanks to the handy contact management feature of your Online Album, it's easy to adjust access authorizations for your albums and invite contacts to view your albums via email.

Download function

Download photos, videos or entire albums to your hard drive at any time. If desired, this option can also be made available to visitors of your album website...

Send e-cards and photo email

Surprise your loved ones and friends with a photo-email or a self-designed e-card made with your own photos. Always a great surprise!

Image editing directly online

Optimize your photos directly in your Online Album. Rotating, cropping, color saturation and contrast adjustments are all no problem!

Quick file upload

You can load photos & videos to your Online Album directly from the Online Media Manager or from any MAGIX program.

Export albums & contents

Export single photos, videos or whole albums and embed these, for example, as media players in on other websites using HTML code.

Invitation function

Invite your contacts to your album homepage or to view only a certain album per email!